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Proceedings of Taiwan's Participation of 1991~2011 IChOs

 Updated Jan.10, 2015The next 46th 2014 IChO (July 20~29) will be in Hanoi, Vietnam!

Next 2015 IChO-47:TThe 47th IChO will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2015 (July 20~29) http://www.icho2015.msu.az/

Past: 2014 IChO-46IChO - Hanoi - Vietnam - 2014; Taiwan NChO-23: Call for the Paricipants.

  45th IChOMoscow (MSU), July 15-24, 2013

Catalyzer No.1 (July 30,2012) Taiwan (TWN) NChO-22 : Call for the 4 Contestants for the 2013 IChO-45(Flyer))

IChO   44th, 2012 IChO: July 21~30,Washington D.C. USA Sponsored by Dow

Taiwan(CT)'s New Contact:Prof.Chang; Previous Contact:

            Emeritus Prof. Tai-Shan Fang

  • Congratulations to Head Mentor Dr.I-Jy Chang was elected as The sole Asian Representative of the 2012~2013 International Steering Committee Member!! Results--3 Silvers and 1 Bronze; IJ meetings;Photos-Report:July 8~13(78~13;July 14~17);July 18~22 Turkey Journey

Taiwan team won 2 Golds 2 Silvers in 42nd Tokyo 2010 IChO! Ranked as No.4

42nd Tokyo 2010 IChO :Participation Photos Summary;Tasks in Chinese-TheoreticalPractical


TWN 19th NChO--Four Taiwanese Competitors selected from 19th (TWN) NChO---3 Rounds Tasks (English Ed.) Japanese Flavor Chemistry program(Chinese)Seminar(Chinese)Photos

Practical TasksTheoretical Tasks

Taiwan Team won Chemistry First Prize in 2010 ISEF

Next IChO: [Japan 42nd IChO-2010(July 19~28)]:Program of Taiwan's participation of 42nd 2010 IChO Flow Chart of Selection and Training Taiwan's Team 

Latest Information from Organizer:Taiwan's 4 competitors won 4 golds (Ranked as No.1) in 41st OxBridge 2009 IChO;


UK 41st IChO 2009 (OxBridge Culture):41st OxBridge IChO Mentors (Taiwan,ROC) Program;18NChOTasks;Study-Camp (program )on the Preparatory Problems(manual)

(July 26,2008)Congradulations to "Taiwan" Team Won 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze (results in pdf);Photos;July 15(Tuesday)Practical Exams(Chinese Ed) Answer Sheets ; July 17(Thursday)Theoretical Exams with Answer Sheets ; Photos

(February 16,2008)

Program of 2008 IChO-40 Study Camp ; Program of 96 School Academic Year's National Chemistry Competition

( October 11, 2007) 2007 Nobel Prize:Chemistry;Physics;Medicine;Ig Nobel Awards 2007 1st Asian Science Camp and 10th Taiwan(Dr.Wu)'s Science Study Camp; [40th IChO ]

2007 IChO-39:Report of Taiwan's Team ;2007 IChO-39 Competitors Photos

Congratulations! Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) won 2 golds 2 Silvers in 68 participating countries of Moscow 2007 IChO-39!!



2007 IChO-39:final resuls News Release ; July 15~16 Opening Cremony Photos

Chinese Ed. of Practical TasksAnswer Sheets;Theoretical TasksAnswers Sheet

2006 Trends in Chemical Dynamics:  From Small Molecules to Biomolecules(Dec10-15.  and Youth Science Study Camp (Dec.9-15 In celebration of 1986 Nobel Laureate Y.T.Lee's 70 birthday      

Four 38th IChO 2006 Metal Winners were honored in the 2006 annual meeting of Chemical Society located in Taipei, which was held in Dan-Shuei  on Nov.24, 2006(Nov.26,2006);  Taiwan's President Chen and Education Deputy Minister Lu greeted and honored  all 2006 winners and their mentors on Oct. 27, in the Presidential Office and International Conference Hall, National  Science Education Center.(Oct.28,2006)

2006 Nobel Prize Announcements (http://nobelprize.org/prize_announcements):

   1. Physiology or Medicine - October 2, 11:30 a.m. CET (at the earliest)
   2. Physics - October 3, 11:45 a.m. CET (at the earliest)
   3. Chemistry - October 4, 11:45 a.m. CET (at the earliest)                        

   4. Economics - October 9, 1:00 p.m. CET (at the earliest)
   5. Peace - October 13, 11:00 a.m. CET (at the earliest)

Next IChO: July 15-24, 39th IChO 2007 in Moscow Russia,  to commemorate 100 years of deceased  Mendeleev.

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) Won 3 Golds,1 Silver and the best practical tasks competition in South Korea's 38th IChO 2006, being next to China's 4 Golds. ; 38th IChO 2006 Summary of Taiwan Team's Participation (july 23)(Catatlyzer No.11 )Practical Test: Problems (Download ) Answers (Download )Theoretical Test: Problems (Download ) Answers (Download )Final Results of the IChO-2006 (July 20)

In celebration of Professor Y-.T Lee's 70th birthday (1986 Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Chairman of 37th IChO 2005), Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences (IAMS), Academia Sinica (Taiwan) will host : (1)Youth 2006 Taiwan Winter Nobel Science Study Camp (detail visit http://www.iams.sinica.edu.tw/tcd2006student ): Dec.9 ~ 15, 2006( Dec. 9 ~ 10 in IAMS (NTNU)。(2the International Symposium on "Trends in Chemical Dynamics: From Small Molecules to Biomolecules ",  December 10-15, 2006  in  Chiao-Hsi, Yi-Lan County, Taiwan (detail visit:http://www.iams.sinica.edu.tw/tcd2006)

Intel 2006 ISEF Best of Category Award of $5,000 for Top First Place Winner : CH016 "Optimizing a Catalyst for Elimination of Carbon Monoxide Exhausted from Gas Water Heater " Chen Wei Tsai, 16, The Affiliated Senior High School of NKNU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Chinese Taipei . (May 13, 2006)

Organizing Committee of 37th IChO 2005 hosted "Gratitude Gala" Lunch Buffet Party for administrators on Feb.16, 2006 in Grand Hotel(photos )  and Sea-food Dinner Buffet Party for Chem. Students and Faculties on March 23 in International Paris Sea-Food Buffet Restaurant(photos )

Training for A Chemistry Olympiad: Successful competitions depend on the hard work of bright students and generous volunteers (by Rachel Petkewich, ACS C&EN/February 13, 2006, V.84,No.7pp98-99 )

Sad News: Dr Andreas T. Tsatsas, former member of the Steering Committee of IChO and President of the 35th IChO (Athens, 2003), died unexpectedly on Saturday January 21st 2006. (from Dr Spyros Koinis and Dr. Anton Sirota, Jan.27)

A First-Class Event for First-Class Young Chemists-37th International Chemistry Olympiad 2005 (Jan.10); IUPAC Wire News (Chemistry International, Vol.28, No.1 Jan.- Feb. 2006)

37th IChO Google Search  

Taiwan's Report on「37th IChO 2005」


The Steering Committee Meeting of 38th IChO 2006 was  held in Gyeongju,Korea from Dec.8 to Dec. 11, 2005. Photos  ;Organizers of 37th IChO 2005, Prof.Tai-Shan Fang and Prof. I-Jy Chang gave half an hour   report to this meeting on Dec.9.  ; SC minute of 38th IChO 2006 (Chinese and English)


37th 2005 IChO Office

Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University

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