Next: 2016 IChO-48(KARACHI): Pakistan will host 2016 the 48th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) next year at the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), Karachi University (KU)

Past:2015 IChO-47:TThe 47th IChO will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2015


Oral Defense of the Last Ph.D. Student: Dr.Chung-Wen Sun on July 30, 2013


K.    Previous travels and study or research experience around the world

      July 2010, Executive Head of Taiwan's Delegation to 2010 Tokyo Japan IChO-42

      Jan. 2010, Science Advisor, Raffles Institution, Singapore, Jan.19~22

      July 2009, Executive Head of Taiwan's Delegation to 2009 OxBridge UK IChO-41

      July 2008, Executive Head of Taiwan's Delegation to 2008 Budapest IChO-40

July 2007, Executive Head of Taiwan's Delegation to 2007 Moscow IChO-39

July 2006, Executive Head of Taiwan's Delegation to 2006 Korea's IChO-38

July 2004, head of observer delegation of Taiwan's host of 37th 2005 IChO, 36th 2004 Kiel Germany

Jan.2004, Reading (England) ASE annual national meeting, representative of Taiwan for participation of the  International Day activities.

Dec.2003, Kiel SC meeting of 36th IChO, Germany

Oct.2003, Beijing's Across-Strait Symposium on Science Education, Head of Taiwan's Delegation

Dec.2002, Athens SC meeting of 35th IChO, Athens, Greece

March 2002, Taiwan's representative of 4th NRC meeting on TIMSS-2003 "Constructed-Response "Symposium, Ghent, Belgium.

Sept.2001, Taiwan's representative of Mexico International Science Education Innovation Conference

2000-2005 , Principal investigator of Taiwan Host of 37th 2005 International Chemistry Olympiad

1993-2003, Project manager of Taiwan's participation of International Chemistry Olympiad.

Dec. 15- 21, 1996, Head of the Taiwan Delegation , attended the 2nd US-Taiwan Bilateral Symposium on Innovations in Undergraduate Education in Chemistry, University of California, La Jolla, California

Oct.1978- July 1979 Research Associate with Welch Professor P.D.Barltlett, in the Department of Chemistry, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas.

June 1-Aug.30 1981, French training I in French Training Center, National Taiwan Normal University.

Sept-Nov. 1981, French Training II in Avingnion, (University of Avingnion) France

Nov. 1981-April, Research Associate, University of Paris-Sud (XI), Orsay, France

May –Aug. 1982 Research Consultant and Associate, JPL, NASA, Pasadena, carried Photophysics in the photodamage of some organic polymers.

May 1978- Sept.1978 Post doctorate with W.P. Weber (Department of Chemistry, University of Southern California) carried the study on the photo-physics of Organo-Silane compounds.

Sept.1973-May 1978, Graduate student, Teaching assistant, Research assistant and got Ph.D. in the field of Organic Photochemistry with Prof. L.A.Singer , in the Department of Chemistry, University of Southern California, LosAngeles

L.     Medical , physical , dietary or other personal considerations; in excellent health condition, no special personal considerations.

M.  Evidence of fluency in written and oral English and French;

Good TOFEL, GRE scores,.; Superior placement test of Chemistry of USC, and Pass the Exam for Studying abroad by the Ministry of Education of ROC. 5 years graduate studies(LA) and 15 months research associate(LA and Fort Worth) in the United States. 8 months visiting scholar in France.  Principal investigator of the 2nd US-Taiwan Bilateral Symposium in Chemistry (California). 16 Summers’ participation of  activities of International Chemistry Olympiads (Poland, USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Denmark, India, Holland, Greece, Germany, Korea).