International Chemistry Olympiad

2005 Taiwan (37th) IChO (

Next IChO:  39th IChO in Moscow Russia, July 15-24 ,2007 to commemorate 100 years of deceased  Mendeleev .

(Updated Oct. 28/2006)

Taiwan's Team Won 3 Golds 1 Silver and the Best Practical Exam in 38th International Chemistry Olympliad in South Korea from July 2 to 11, 2006

Taiwan's President Chen and Education Deputy Minister Lu greeted and honored  all 2006 winners and their mentors on Oct. 27, in the Presidential Office and International Conference Hall, National  Science Education Center.(Oct.28,2006)


IChO 2006 Summary of Taiwan Team's Participation (july 25, 2006)



Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) Won 3 Golds,1 Silver and the best practical tasks competition in South Korea's 38th IChO 2006, being next to China's 4 Golds. (Catatlyzer No.11 )Practical Test: Problems (Download ) Answers (Download )Theoretical Test: Problems (Download ) Answers (Download )Final Results of the IChO-2006 (July 20)

38th IChO 2006 Third Circular(Jun.20)

In celebration of Professor Y-.T Lee's 70th Birthday (1986 Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Chairman of 37th IChO 2005), Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences (IAMS), Academia Sinica (Taiwan) will host : (1)Youth 2006 Taiwan Winter Nobel Science Study Camp (detail visit ): Dec.9 ~ 15, 2006( Dec. 9 ~ 10 in IAMS (NTNU)。(2the International Symposium on "Trends in Chemical Dynamics: From Small Molecules to Biomolecules ",  December 10-15, 2006  in  Chiao-Hsi, Yi-Lan County, Taiwan(detail visit: ).


37th IChO Organizer's Gratitude Party to administrators  on Feb.16, 2006 in Grand Hotel(photos )   and voluntees on March 23 in International Paris Sea-food Buffet Restaurant(photos )

      37th IChO 2005  Videos

A First-Class Event for First-Class Young Chemists-37th International Chemistry Olympiad 2005 (Jan.10), IUPAC News (Chemistry International, Vol.28, No.1 Jan.- Feb. 2006)

Training for A Chemistry Olympiad: Successful competitions depend on the hard work of bright students and generous volunteers (by Rachel Petkewich, ACS C&EN/February 13, 2006, V.84,No.7pp98-99 )

 Pursuing Fento- (10 to minus 15 power) second Footstep Being Our highest Guiding Principle


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  • 37th 2005 IChO organizing committee: Ken-Nan Chen,Vice President of Chemical Society(located in Taipei), Tai-Shan Fang (Chair of organizing committee), Chi-Cheien Lin (Chair of Chem.Dept, NYU) and I-Chi Chang (Chair of Publicity) were affiliate  to  Taiwan's Delegation to 35th 2004 to receive the IChO flag as well as studying the whole process of IChO.

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    WHO:no longer recommends the restriction of travel to any areas. (7/05)


    The Taiwanese Delegation to 35th IChO will leave for Athens tonight (7/04)


    The advanced exam (July 1-3) of joint-college entrance permission was over. 68% of Competitors Will be allowed to get into colleges.(7/04)


    WHO (No.93):Toronto removed from list of areas with recent local transmission,Taiwan can be lifted within 2 more days.  No new cases, a cumulative total of 8442cases with 812 deaths and 7424 recovered, has been reported from 30 countries. (7/03)


    The 35th IChO Taiwan Delegation meeting has been cancelled due to self qurantine on the request of organizer  in Central Taiwan in the noon on June 28 for the hail of Athens Great Game (6/30)


    The Organizer of 35th Athens IChO Suggestion for SARS Concerned Delegations:

    "Delegation members must stay in a non-Sars infected area for 10 days prior to entering Greece. During this time they should not exhibit any SARS symptoms, as verified by the delegation Head or an appropriate medical certificate." (6/25)


    WHO: a cumulative total of 8435cases with 799deaths has been reported from 30 countries. The 8 new cases occurred:  USA(1) , Canada(1), , and Taiwan (6) (6/16)


     Taiwan's Delegation to 3rd APEC Youth Science Fair (July 2003 Beijing, China has been posponded to next year 2004 due to SARS ) is to be arranged to have a summer science camp being scheduled from Aug 22-27, 2003 in Taipei (6/13)


    Bronze Medal, 26th International Chemistry Olympiad (1994)Winner:Tè Khái-sū, 戴凱序(Dr.Kaihsu Tai) Update:Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford; supervisors: Mark S. P. Sansom, Jonathan W. Essex; project: BioSimGrid: Grid database for biomolecular simulations (since 2003) ,web page :  (6/10)

    New Nanotechnology: Tai-Da SARS Combat No.1, 8-hydroxyoctanoic acid can kill SARS crona virus (5/31)


    Four 35th IChO Taiwanese students competitors were selected on May 7 through 10 days stduy-camp in Central Taiwan. (5/08)


     35th IChO Selection Study-Camp is being held (April 21-May 7)in Central Taiwan (4/22)


    The primary exam for 35th IChO study camp of selection of Taiwan's team will be held on April 12 in Taipei, Chunghwa and Kaoshiung (4/10)


    Hard copies of the 35th IChO preparatory problems AND the answers have already been sent to head mentors.   Answers to the problems will be released in the web by the end of April.(3/05 by 35th IChO web)

    Minister Huang Leading 29 Science Technology Universities to hold "Taiwan Higher Education" Exhibition in South East Asia (3/02)

    There is an announcement of a students poster competition
    "It's a Chemical World--A poster competition"
    in the IUPAC home page


    New 37th (2005) IChO Mirror Web of IChO, Taiwan (2/25/2003)


    2003 Taiwan International Science Fair Being Held on Feb.13, 2003 

     in New Science Education Cente Located in Shih Lin (2/13)


    The official web of 35th Athens' IChO has been on the internet and the preparatory problems were released on Feb 2.(2/03)


    Nobel Laureates: Double Lees' articles open the bi-weekly columns on "Science and Society" in  one of the most popular Local "China Times" Newspaper (1/05)


    The organization of Taiwan's Team to 35th IChO has been set


    Steering Committee Meeting of IChO was held in Athens, Greek from Dec.13 to 15 by 35th IChO hosting country:

    1. Programs of 35th IChO were proposed from July 5(Sat.) to 14(Mon.),2003 that will be pretty the same as those in

        34th IChO.  Students will live in a Sport Camp near the seashore, whereas that of mentors, observers as well as

        guests in President hotel. 

    2. Germany will host 2004's 36th IChO; Taiwan(2005);Korea(2006);Lithuania(2007);Hungary(2008);UK(2009);

          Rusia,Turkey,Mexico, Switzerland (2010 s)

    3. Preparatory problems , survey of Appendix C (outlines of theoretical curriculum) and Frontpage of 35th IChO being 

           finalized and touched , and could be on Web by Feb. 2003 and sent out to the participation countries.

    4. Final touched minute of the Steering Committee Meeting will be sent to  members and on the Internet of SIC


    1957 Nobel Laureate Prof. Yang  in Physics Receive His 80's Birthday Celebration in Taiwan(11/10)


    Logo of 37th (2005) IChO has been decided and recommended by the commission of scientific committee of 2005 IChO,Taiwan ROC from 4 designers competition  (10/21)


    The 2002 Nobel Prize  

    The Organization of Taiwan's Delegation to 2002 Greek 35th IChO Being Shifted to 

    Dept. of Chem., NCHTU (9/23)




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    Former President Helps Clean Up Stream, Mum on Politics(2001/06/20)
    Taiwan President Collects Garbage to Mark Year in Office (2001/0521)
    International Graduate School to Recruit Students Next Fall


    Nobel Laureate Breaks Silence on EX-President's Criticism


    NTU President Warns of Diversified Crises in Higher Education(2001/04/24)
    Taiwan Shaping Up to Become Asia-Pacific Supercon Stronghold(2001/02/21)

    Academia Sinica NT$4.68 billion budgeted was frozen(2001/01/05)

    Presidential Advisers Condemn Opposition Recall Move(2000/11/03)
    Nobel Laureate Has No Regrets over Supporting Taiwan President(89/10/17)

    New Government wants to Recruit KMT 

    Talent,Says Chen's Advisor--Y.T.Lee (89/04/06)

    Lee invited to Head New Taiwan Cabinet
    Taiwan Nobel Laureate Ouits Academic Post to Back DPP
    Nobel Laureate Agrees to Be DPP Presidential Candidate  adviser 
    Taiwan Nobel Laureate Opposes Immediate Reunification with China(89/03/06)

    Time:Einstein,the Most powerfull Man of 20 century E=mc2

    Excellency projects in University :Nature Sciencemost popular 16 studies will be carried out

    President Lee greeted 1999 Taiwanese Olympians in

    Presidential Hall on Nov 18 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)  (10)  (11)

    Chinese Chemical Society and Ministry of Education awarded 4 competitors and Mentors on Nov 20