Tai-Shan Fang,  Ph.D. (Chemistry) (Updated Sept. 1, 2006)


A.  Full name: Tai-Shan Fang

B.     Present position and title:

      Professor , Department of  Chemistry , National Taiwan Normal University

  President (7/28/2002-6/1/2008,relected) of AFTEA  

                  (Associaiton  Franco-Taiwanaise des Echanges Academiques)

C.    Telephone and e-mail:

TEL: +886-2-29350749 ext.423 or 530 and/or 886-2-29316273 ext 316(O)

FAX and Tel.:886-2-29309074 and/or 886-2-29327187

Mobil Phone: 886-0921882061

e-mail: chetsf@scc.ntnu.edu.tw and/or 2005icho@sec.ntnu.edu.tw

http://icho.chem.ntnu.edu.tw/index.htm and


D.    Current institutional affiliation and complete address:

      Department of Chemistry, College of Science, C405

 National Taiwan Normal University

88, sec.4, Ding-Chow Rd.

Taipei, Taiwan 116

E.     Work experience, including previous positions and titles:

       Coordinator of Section of Chemistry, Science Fair, National Science Education Centre (2000 to present)

      Full Professor (1984 to present), Associate Professor (1979-1984)

      Organizer and Principal Investigator of Taiwan's Delegation to South Korea 38th IChO 2006

Sabbatical leave , Sept.1 2005 to Jan.31,2006 and Feb.1 to Aug.31, 2005

Director (Aug 1, 2000 to Aug. 31 2005), Science Education Center ,  National Taiwan Normal University

Executive Secretary(Aug 1, 2000 to July 31 2005), Steering Commission on Science Education, Ministry of Education 

Director, Extension Division for In-service and Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University (1998 to 2000)

President, AFTEA (Associaiton Franco-Taiwanaise des Echanges Academiques) (2002 to present)

Principal Investigator, Taiwanese Participation of the International Chemistry Olympiad (1991 to present).

Organizer, 2005(37th) Taipei International Chemistry Olympiad.

Organizer, Steering Committee Meeting of 37th 2005 IChO, Dec.2-5,2004, Taipei, Taiwan

Head of observing group for 36th 2004 Germany IChO, July 15-24,2004, Kiel and Hamburg

Delegation Head of 3rd APEC Youth Science Festival, Aug.2-10, Beijing, China

Principal Investigator., Organic Photochemistry Lab( C405)., Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University

Principal Investigator, National Standard of Middle School Chemistry Curriculum (1973 to 2001)

Secretary-general, 2001 Taipei International Conference on Science Education, Oct.23-24, 2001

Taiwan Delegation Member, 2001 Mexico International Conference on Science Education, Sept.10-13, 2001, Monterry, Mexico.

Head and Principal Investigator, The 2nd U.S.-Taiwan Bilateral Symposium on Innovations in Undergraduate Education in Chemistry, Dec.15-18,1996,

 UC La Jolla.

Chairman, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University(1992-1995)

Head , Mentor and Observer, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan, ROC) Delegation to 23rd IChO (Poland), 24th IChO(USA), 28th IChO (Rusia), 29th IChO(Canada), 30th IChO(Australia) , 31st IChO(Thailand), 32nd IChO(Demark), 33rd IChO(India), 34th IChO(The Nertherlands), 35th IChO (Athens, Greece)

Head, Section of General Affair, Science Education Center, NTNU(1989-1992)

Consultant, JPL, NASA, Pasadena (USA) (1982)

Visiting Scholar, University of Paris (IX), Orsay, France (1981-1982)

Research Associate (Post Doctorate), Texas Christian University, USA (1978-1979)

TA and RA, University of Southern California,USA (1973-1978)

TA, National Taiwan University (1971-1973)

Lieutenant Teaching Officer, Chinese Army (1970-1971)

Teaching Practice, National Taiwan Normal University (1969-1970)

F.      Place of birth:  Taipei County, Taiwan

G.    Gender: Male

H.    Education, academic and professional training ,including degrees earned and fields of specialization;

   Exchange Scholarship (Solar Energy Storage, and French Language) 1981-1982,

      University of Paris (IX, Orsay), France

   Post Doctorate (Chemiluminescence) 1979, Texas Christian University

   Ph.D.(Organic Photochemistry) 1978, University of Southern California

 B.S. (Chemistry and Education,1970), National Taiwan Normal University

Summa Cum Laude, (1965), Taipei Municipal Chien-Kwuo Senior High School

I.       Active professional memberships;

Membership of AFTEA (Associaiton Franco-Taiwanaise des Echanges Academiques), 2002 to present

Life Membership of Chinese Chemical Society, 1971 to present

Life Membership of Chinese Science Education Society, 1985 to present

Senior Member of American Chemical Society, 1978 to present (28 years)

Member of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 1992 to present

Member of N.Y. Academic Science, 1996 to present

Member of Chinese Association of Gifted Education, 1997 to present

J.      Short list of relevant publications;

  • Tai-Shan Fang, Sept.26,2004,Current Youth Science Education Activities in Taiwan, 3rd  Beijing APEC Youth Science Fair, Teacher's Forum Paper(2004/9/26)

  • Tai-Shan Fang,Science Education Forum for Chinese Language Culture":How to Elevate Science Education in Taiwan,01-May-2004, National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taipei, Taiwan. For a discussion forum on these  articles please go to the forum at Complexity Digest No.18.May3 ;Video Statements(taken by Editor of Complexity Digest).(2004/May)

  • Tai-Shan Fang, Dec  2-5,    2004, 37thIChO Taipei SC Meeting Report to Taiwan MOE

  • Tai-Shan Fang, Dec  5-7,    2003, 36thIChO Kiel SC Meeting Report to Taiwan MOE

  • Tai-Shan Fang, Dec 13-15,    2002, 35thIChO Athens SC Meeting Report to Taiwan MOE

  • Wen-Kwei Yang and Tai-Shan Fang , June 16, 2000, "problem -   solving in Inorganic                     Stereochemistry for Novic Science Major Students " Chemical Education Journal ( CEJ), V. 4. No.1, URL=http://ce.t.soka.ac.jp/cejed/v4n1/indexE.html

  • Che-Yuan Liu , Tai-Shan Fang* “The Study on the Cognitive Style of Study-camp Candidates       and Practical Tasks Training of Taiwanese Contestants in International  Chemistry Olympiad”, National  Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan , Poster, 8ACC, Nov. 22, 1999

  •    Wen-Kwei Yang, Tai-Shan Fang* ”Problem Solving in Inorganic Stereochemistry for Novice Science Major Students”, National Taiwan  Normal University, Taiwan, Poster, 8ACC, Nov. 22, 1999

  • heh-Yung Liu and Tai-Shan Fang "The Anomalous Triplet Exciplex Emission of 4-Phenylbenzophenones with Amines” poster , The Fifth International Symposium For Chinese Organic Chemists Aug.20-23, 1998, Tianjin, China.

  • Tai-Shan Fang and Shwen-Chi Chen "The Photophysics and Photochemistry of Aromatic Ketones and α-Diketones in Organic Solution" Chemistry (The Chinese Chem Soc.,TAIPEI)  Dec,1997.Vol.55,No.4.pp29~43.

  • Tai-Shan Fang, May 1997,"Chemical Education in Taiwan" in Chemical Education in Asia-Pacific, p155-169, by The Federation of Asian Chemical Societies and The Chemical Society of Japan .WWW edition: http://www.t.soka.ac.jp/chem/ACEN/

  • Miao-Hsiang Lin,Yeong-Jing Cheng,Song-Ling Mao,Hong-Ming Guo,

    Tai-Shan Fang ,Jen-Hong Lin, and Jin-Tun Line,1997,Jan."Investigation of the Structure and Dimensionality of ILPS Test Items" Proceedings of the NSC,ROC,Part  D, V.7, No.1,pp46- 65.,Jan. 1997

K.    Previous travels and study or research experience around the world

July 2004, head of observer delegation of Taiwan's host of 37th 2005 IChO, 36th 2004 Kiel Germany

Jan.2004, Reading (England) ASE annual national meeting, representative of Taiwan for participation of the  International Day activities.

Dec.2003, Kiel SC meeting of 36th IChO, Germany

Oct.2003, Beijing's Across-Strait Symposium on Science Education, Head of Taiwan's Delegation

Dec.2002, Athens SC meeting of 35th IChO, Athens, Greece

March 2002, Taiwan's representative of 4th NRC meeting on TIMSS-2003 "Constructed-Response "Symposium, Ghent, Belgium.

Sept.2001, Taiwan's representative of Mexico International Science Education Innovation Conference

2000-2005 , Principal investigator of Taiwan Host of 37th 2005 International Chemistry Olympiad

1993-2003, Project manager of Taiwan's participation of International Chemistry Olympiad.

Dec. 15- 21, 1996, Head of the Taiwan Delegation , attended the 2nd US-Taiwan Bilateral Symposium on Innovations in Undergraduate Education in Chemistry, University of California, La Jolla, California

Oct.1978- July 1979 Research Associate with Welch Professor P.D.Barltlett, in the Department of Chemistry, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas.

June 1-Aug.30 1981, French training I in French Training Center, National Taiwan Normal University.

Sept-Nov. 1981, French Training II in Avingnion, (University of Avingnion) France

Nov. 1981-April, Research Associate, University of Paris-Sud (XI), Orsay, France

May –Aug. 1982 Research Consultant and Associate, JPL, NASA, Pasadena, carried Photophysics in the photodamage of some organic polymers.

May 1978- Sept.1978 Post doctorate with W.P. Weber (Department of Chemistry, University of Southern California) carried the study on the photo-physics of Organo-Silane compounds.

Sept.1973-May 1978, Graduate student, Teaching assistant, Research assistant and got Ph.D. in the field of Organic Photochemistry with Prof. L.A.Singer , in the Department of Chemistry, University of Southern California, LosAngeles

L.     Medical , physical , dietary or other personal considerations; in excellent health condition, no special personal considerations.

M.  Evidence of fluency in written and oral English and French;

Good TOFEL, GRE scores,.; Superior placement test of Chemistry of USC, and Pass the Exam for Studying abroad by the Ministry of Education of ROC. 5 years graduate studies(LA) and 15 months research associate(LA and Fort Worth) in the United States. 8 months visiting scholar in France.  Principal investigator of the 2nd US-Taiwan Bilateral Symposium in Chemistry (California).  6 Summers’ participation of  activities of International Chemistry Olympiads (Poland, USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Thailand).